Wm. Booth, Draper

I've decided that the best way to do this is just to start at the top of my bookmarks and work my way through them.

Therefor, number two on my list is: Wm. Booth, Draper

This guy is based in Wisconsin, and does the whole Revolutionary War reenactment thing. And he's serious about it, which is good, because if you have a question just call and he will totally geek out and explain everything that you may want to know.

He will also send you swatches for free, or at least did the last time I called. I think he decides whether to send you swatches based on your conversation. And I got them fast, which is something costume designers always need.

Things are on the expensive side, but this is made up for in the customer service and a really well laid out website. And if for some reason they are out of stock, someone calls you and they try to figure out what would be the best replacement. It is awesome. And the fabric and notions are really really nice quality.

You can get everything, head to toe, including patterns. I am generally not thrilled with the reenactor patterns for women's garments, but the men's garments are usually worth it. Possibly they take it more seriously, getting the uniforms juuuuust right? This, of course, is not a reflection on Wm. Booth, since he just carries other people's patterns, I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, love this site! Take a look!


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