Local Source: Spandex World!

I feel like I am slightly betraying my friends at Spandex House with this post, but the truth is Spandex World is rapidly becoming the superior of the two purveyors of stretch fabric in New York City. Well, there are certainly more places to get stretch fabrics, but they are really the only two worth mentioning.

I was in there recently on a mission to get stretch vinyl. Oh, yes, there is stretch vinyl, and it is an amazing thing. Anyhow, I was seriously impressed with the variety of crazy Spandex you can get there and how helpful they are. My stretch vinyl was $12/yard, which when all is said and done isn't that bad of a price.

Some of the pretty shiny that can be found at Spandex World
I will also add that they have a website that doesn't suck: spandexworld.com.  This is my biggest gripe about the garment district in NYC - the businesses are rapidly dying, but could be saved with a good website. I've actually seen some of them killed because their website sucked. The Spandex World website is really great and gives you lots of information on the fabric you're buying. Awesomeness!

So, if you find yourself on 38th Street between 8th & 9th Avenues, stop by Spandex World and check them out!

Is that stretch leopard print sequin??? I think it is!


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