Online Resource: Burnley & Towbridge Co.

This past week, I went on vacation. And, because I am who I am, I went to Colonial Williamsburg.

Anyway, my original plan was to check out the brick and mortar location of Burnley & Towbridge. It was, however, not close to the main tourist area of Williamsburg, and my Mom and I did not have the foresight to rent a car because we were told that there were free buses that could take you anywhere. Yes, true, but not to anywhere else in Williamsburg. Awesome.

Regardless, let me tell you about Burnley & Towbridge as an online source for amazing period fabrics, patterns, and books.

I am in love with them. They specialize in 18th Century costume, and have a constant rotation of all sorts of reproduction wools, linens, silks, and cottons. You can also get buttons, buckles, threads, and various other reproduction notions. My favorite, though, is that you can order swatch kits of all their current fabrics, though you have to check back to make sure they still have what you want. $5 gets you everything, which is an amazing deal. Some items will always be the same - I am sure they will never be short on suiting wool for military jackets, and their linen variety is so lovely. They also carry a small selection of 18th Century patterns and books. Some of the books are very specific, so they are generally difficult to find, even on

They also have workshops on period sewing, which I have been dying to go to for years! The one time it worked out with my schedule they filled up too fast! Get on their email list to get updated schedules on their workshops.

Check them out online, or if you find yourself in Williamsburg, Virginia, rent a car and check them out in person, 108 Druid Drive.

Interpreter at the Margaret Hunter Millinery and Tailor Shop in Colonial Williamsburg


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