Online Resource: LLBean

Yes, that's right.

What I love about LLBean, first of all, is their return policy. You can return anything for any reason at all. No questions asked. You can, in fact, be honest. Now, I wouldn't tell them that you used that sweater for your film shoot and now you're sending it back just because, but hey, you never know.

Anyhow, the other great thing about them is that they have many items that are unchanged since they were founded in 1923.  Others are from companies that still make their products the same way they did back in the 19th Century.

One of my favorites:
Woman's Vintage Flannel Nightgown
This looks very much like it was pulled right out of Little House on the Prairie

Or how 'bout these:
Men's Katahdin Iron Works Engineer Boots 
They were inspired by 19th Century iron worker boots and really look like the genuine article

And you still can't go wrong with the Bean Boots which are pretty much unchanged since LLBean's inception.

Plus, if you need a pair of mom jeans, you can get them here!

PS - check out LLBean Signature. Many of the classics that LLBean is known for, but updated for a younger audience. I kinda love it, though it is a bit more expensive.


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