As much as it pains me to say this...Mood

I've been lamenting the slow death of the Garment District in New York City for years now. Since most fashion houses have their fabric made in China, the Garment District is now used only by fashion students, costume designers, and the made-to-order industry. And since theater is suffering, well, we're doing less business there too. Many of the little stores are catering more and more to the West Indian and Indian (as in India....I know, but I thought the clarification was needed) communities which means lots of really pretty but totally useless to me fabrics.

The other thing that is killing the Garment District is it's lack of web presence. I would put money on the fact that a horrible website is what finally killed Greenberg and Hammer. I live in Brooklyn, and it is easier for me to go online to purchase notions from Manhattan Wardrobe Supply than to drag my butt out to the store, let alone traipse about the GD from store to store until I find everything I need. I can find what I need online in 30 minutes; a shopping trip to the GD takes half a day. I have better things to do.

Which brings me to Mood.

I am not a fan. I don't really like how they are laid out, and ever since they have been *The* fabric store on Project Runway it's just filled with tourists who don't even sew. However, they win the internet contest, because, well, they have a really good website. Plus, joy of joys, you can order swatches! For $1 each, and a base shipping cost of $5, they will send you whatever you like!

Having a good website also means I don't have to be annoyed by the layout OR the tourists! Amazing!

I am going to spend some time looking up whether any of my other favorite fabric stores have websites. I hear Spandex House has one, and I love me some Spandex House!


  1. If you call the store and talk to a salesperson they will send you swatches for free of fabric in store. The website is the stock from the warehouse and totally different than the stock in store. You do have to be pretty quick in your turn around though because the store stock is mostly closeouts but a lot of times more interesting.

    Xoxo Former Mood Slave


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