My tool kit

I'm going to be working out of town this summer, so I've had to think hard about what I need to bring with me. No matter what anyone says, you should always bring your own tools. The in-house scissors are always too dull and they never quite have the needle size you like. Besides having your own stuff means you never have to share unless you want to.

Here, I present to you my tool kit. 

I own a lot of scissors. This isn't even all of them. I'm probably only going to bring a few of these...maybe 4 pair. I am extremely protective of my fabric shears. Mine have a spring in them so you only have to close them when cutting; the spring helps them bounce open. They have spoiled me for all other scissors. Aside from those, I'll also bring my tiny embroidery scissors (I prefer those over seam rippers because I have more control) a pair of paper scissors, and maybe one of the mid size ones.

THIS IS THE BEST THING I OWN! It's a magnetic wrist pin cushion. It's amazing! You want one. 

I've reduced what I'm bringing down to this: marking pencils, hem marker, notcher (because notches are your friend), seam rippers, needle point tracing wheel, regular trading wheel (bumpy but not smooth), tape measure, tiny tomato, push pins, awl, sewing needles, scissor sharpener, and the four pair of scissors and the rulers. 

It all fits nicely in this little box!

And then I made this to hold and organize my rulers and curves. Hip curve, J curve, French curve, C-thru ruler, and L square!

Now I just need to pack!


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