The Garment District is a Dangerous Place

Don't worry, you won't get attacked or anything. You may, however, spend too much money if you go wandering around with no particular goal. Shiny things will call your name and you will be powerless to resist. 

First, I found a sewing supplies place I didn't know existed: Miju Sewing USA Corp. It's on 37th between 8th and 9th. They have clearly been there for eons. Items are reasonably priced. I walked away with the needle point tracing wheel I needed and a selection of marking pencils. They sell everything else you could want including dress forms, irons, and thread. 

I kind of adore these old, rundown storefronts in NYC. I hope the city never loses all of its quirks!

My next stop was Sil Thread. They are more expensive than Miju but had other things I needed. I want to make some belts, so I got some extra wide elastic plus some hand needles, more marking pencils, and an awl (which was an impulse buy at the counter). 

Off to Pacific Trimming! I needed buckles for those belts and I found some awesome leather buckles! While not my favorite place, they have expanded recently and it is well organized.

You're gonna need some heavy duty needs for those buckles!

Finally, my favorite fabric store, Fabric House (214 W 39th St, Between 7th & 8th Avenue). I wanted some fabric to finish off the belts. However, in addition to that I found some really awesome spandex. I have no idea what in going to do with it but its so cute! Maybe I'll make myself a skirt....

...or possibly a retro swimsuit?

In any event I have a lot less money than I stares out with this morning. See, dangerous!


  1. Retro swimsuit for sure!!! That would be adorable.


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