Design Project

It's been a long time, but I am going to be designing costumes again! 

It's funny, because for a while now I've tried to downplay my role as designer. I do believe I have a particular talent for building costumes, especially draping. I really enjoy the challenge, much like a 3D puzzle, when a designer hands me a drawing that I have to figure out. This past summer, when I draped 5 dresses and had a whole team at my disposal, was so much fun!

But at the same time, I keep seeing plays and think "oh, this would be fun to design!" And my role as draper has allowed me to observe designers and see what makes a successful designer and a successful design. So, now that I've been offered the opportunity to design again I'm really quite excited!

The play is a new play, so there is a bit of a thrill to be the original designer on the workshopped production. What's more, it is making my inner US history nerd giddy. You mean I get to watch documentaries and buy books? Yes! Plus, the subject matter, while based in our history, couldn't be more timely. Dancing girls and flashy musical numbers are always fun, but theater should sometimes challenge the audience and make us question accepted norms; this play does that.

I plan to blog about the process, as I hope to try some new tricks! But if you want to know more about this new play, An Appeal to the Woman of the House, go to


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