Belated update

I am the worst blogger ever!

I set myself a goal, and then life happened and I never got back to blogging about all those things happening in said life. 

When I last left you I was designing a play and talking about making gaping head wounds. Since then I also designed a musical for the New York Musical Theater Festival. It was incredibly fun and rewarding. It was one of those magical groups of people that are such a joy to work with that it seems easy even though it was actually a lot of damn work! It sucked my life away for a month.

I then began working on an idea for a web based service that I've had for some time. I'm not entirely ready to share the details but I think it could be really great. 

Also, at the same time, I took an Etsy workshop though NYC's Small Business Bureau. They showed us how to setup a shop and all the details of making it work. 

I got it mostly set up but then I had to put it on hold because I picked up a sewing gig for Ailey II and at the same time started working at the college again.

Oh, and I've just moved. Like two days ago.

There was a comment on a FB group I am part of about blogging in relation to costume. There are quite a few out there, which is really awesome because one of the things I love about the costume world is the willingness to share. I realized that one of the benefits of blogging is that I gives me time to reflect on what I've been doing. 

Which is entirely why I set that once a week goal in the first place!

So, here is my note to self about taking time to reflect about my work and share what I have done. Blogging is an opportunity to reach a broader audience and help those who may find that trick I figured out useful. And it's a chance to hear from others on tricks they may know. 

Here's to not being hard on myself and using that weekly blogging assignment as a chance to grow as an artist and a person.


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