Finding Purpose in Chaos

I pulled this out of an in flight magazine some time within the last year or so. It's been floating around my apartment since then. I've considered framing it, posting above my desk at work, or any number of things, but somehow I think it has had a purpose by floating around so that it finds its way into my hands when I need it.

Everyone's brain works different, and mine seems to work in what appears to most as very scattered. I cannot clean or organize anything without making a giant mess first, pulling all the things out so I can see it all. I need to touch each thing and choose a pile it needs to go into. I have to consider it's worth and its proper place in my life. Sometimes things sit in piles for years because I don't know where it belongs just yet. Sometimes it just need to float until it finds its place. 

I'm sitting beside one of those piles right now. It's a clutter of things. Some old programs, a pad of paper, a cookbook, emergency information on my cats. I'm trying to organize my thoughts toward a business plan. Most of the things in this pile is theater related, and it's time I organize that a little bit.

You see, when I finally do organize my things it is organization like you have never seen. It's color coded and aligned like something out of Adrian Monk's closet. It's rather freakish. 

In front of me I have a pink accordion file I bought years ago. It hasn't had its purpose yet either. But here I have my pile of stuff. Some of those things are going to stay in the pile, and I will attempt to disguise that continued chaotic mess to the best of my abilities. But other things are going into this pink file. And I think one of those things is this Jim Henson quote. Because I believe it has finally found its home, reminding me that I may not have all the "right" training and experience, but that is exactly what I need to do something great.


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